World Scholar’s Cup Global Rounds

Farah Iryna bt. Muhd. Khairy Ang
Ayman Hareez b. Muhd. Adib

“An Imperfect World”

That is the long-awaited theme of the prestigious the World Scholar’s Cup Global Rounds. From 24 to 29 June 2016, twenty-four students (6 teams from the senior division and 3 teams from the junior division) of Kolej Yayasan Saad embarked on an adventurous 7-day 6-night journey to Bangkok, Thailand to participate in this annual international championship. We departed from the college grounds as early 8.00 a.m. for KLIA as their flight was at 4.00 p.m. After a long wait, we finally boarded the plane with high hopes of qualifying for the Tournament of Champions at the prestigious Yale University. We checked into the hotel and then had a quick dinner at a restaurant.

Scholars – except the two ladies on both flanks – posing before the championship began

The next day, the team had a short briefing by the teachers and later proceeded to attend the opening ceremony. Shortly after, the team members were divided into groups to mark the beginning of the first activity – the scavenger hunt. The day ended with a social night filled with laughter among international participants, and played games to bond with each other.

A short tour around Bangkok was held the next day. On the same day the competition began with collaborative writing followed by a debate. Although the motion was quite tough, our team managed to tackle it with ease.

The third day started with the Scholars Bowl followed by the Scholars Cultural fair. Our team answered the questions with utmost confidence while gaining a lot of experiences, not forgetting all the different cultures that they learned during the night events.

After all the academic activities were done, we were finally given a free day to relax. During the night, we attended a Scholars Ball to mark the end of all academic activities. We let our hair down that night, listening to loud blasting music that filled the hall; we danced, jumped and screamed in delight to let all the stress out.

It’s lights, camera & action

The WSC ended in the wink of an eye. We are proud to say that one Junior team and four Senior teams had successfully made it to the last and final round in Yale, to be held in November 2016.

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