KYS Orchestra Concert 2016

Naylee Izzati bt Zamri

MUSIC BANS BOREDOM- Ever felt bored and picked up a pair of earphones to have music accompany you? Whatever the genre, music can be anyone’s best friend! Fortunately, KYS sees its importance and established their very own orchestra to perform live, annually!

This year, as many as 102 students went to Cempaka Sari Auditorium, Putrajaya on 27 July 2016 and managed to make the performance a success. Even with an endless list of songs, the audience were definitely glued to their seats.

The orchestra playing “The Sound of Music” medley.

Standing by for the “Circle of Life” performance

The concert started with their its signature piece, The Blue Ridge Saga, which has captured the attention of many foreigners to music and left them all in awe. The next two Malay pieces made the audience move and then soothed with the best of Mozart’s and Elgar’s world which aroused their patriotic feelings. The following pieces came from hit movies as well as musicals such as The Little Mermaid, The Circle of Life, Wicked and Mamma Mia.

A few members of the Board of Governors of KYS
One for the album

A tad of disappointment came from the audience after the performance came to an end. Luckily, KYS orchestra once again never fails to amuse all of us and played the Imperial March from the well-known movie, Star Wars. Without fail, everyone was satisfied and entertained!

Each year, the orchestra and its team guarantees to come up with more exhilarating songs to practice and perform. The orchestra always manages to capture the hearts of the audience. Even though this wouldn’t be possible without all the tough back-stage work, it was worth all the rush of adrenaline riding in their veins as for some, it was their first time performing. Next year is promising that the standard would be as good. To more performances, I hope that the orchestra stays and gets the recognition they deserve.

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