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Sateria is the online newsletter of Kolej Yayasan Saad (KYS), a premier school located in Malacca, a historical state in Malaysia. This newsletter was launched on 12 June 2016. The initial editorial team that consisted entirely of 15-year-old stringers had a tough time compiling all the news that you see in this blog, as none of them have had any prior journalism experience on top of having to juggle with their studies and participating in rigorous co-curricular activities. Through their love for writing and their interest in accepting new challenges, their effort has paid off. What you see in this blog is the result of their resilience and patience in order to get the job done.

As an alternative source of information, Sateria provides information to the public on the happenings in KYS. It is also a tool to help young and budding stringers who wish to dwell in writing whether for leisure or as a career later on. Through such an activity they learn teamwork, responsibility, accuracy and leadership. These are skills and attitudes that would prepare the young teenagers for what’s coming ahead.

The name “Sateria” was chosen to represent the spirit of togetherness, courage, loyalty, chivalry and wisdom. It originated from the Hindu word “Kesatria” which referred to the upper class citizens who were leaders, peacekeepers and protectors of the weak. Coincidentally, the word “Satria” is also used in KYS’ school rally in line with the school’s vision to give birth to future leaders who would one day lead the nation fairly and protect all Malaysians.

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Kevin C K Chua
Lead Advisor,
KYS Publications Committee

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