Young Leader’s Programme: Trinity College Melbourne

A personal experience by Arianna Saiful

A drop of ink on precious paper is all you need to chase your dreams and travel the world.

Last year, I earned a scholarship worth 1800 Australian Dollars which is equailavent to about 7,500 in Malaysian ringgit to participate in the Young Leaders Programme at Trinity College, University of Melbourne in Australia. The course I chose to attend was the Personal Development course which was held from the 24th of November to the 2nd of December 2018.

I quickly settled into the college, a historically significant area full of old buildings dating from the 19th century. I felt very privileged to be exploring such an intriguing place that was rich with so much history. Throughout the week, I mingled with so many international students who flew all the way to Melbourne exclusively for this course and was delighted to find that they were all from a variety of countries ranging from Australia to Japan and even to Russia!

Together, we attended lectures that provided incredibly helpful insights on how to create a great personal brand by learning our core values, strengths, weaknesses and abilities. We also had many interactive classes where we acted out various leadership styles,  that can be used in our daily lives. To test out our knowledge on leadership, our course mentor Laura sent us to various locations to perform activities that challenged our critical thinking skills, teamwork and creativity such as rock climbing and sailing.

The end of the programme was celebrated with our Valedictory Night where I had the utmost honour of being one of the three people chosen to sing at the event. I performed a song called “Don’t Rain On My Parade” which perfectly sums up everything I’ve learnt there at Trinity College. I was also given a prize for being my group’s valedictorian which touched my heart and inspired me to continue striving to become the best version of myself.

All in all, it was a trip that was chalk full of memories that opened up my eyes towards the beauty of Australia and its culture. I hope that my writing skills can bring me back to this beautiful country again one day.

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