International Student Leaders Conference 2018

Putri Noor Areesya binti Rizarr Annuar

On the 6th of February, nine students accompanied by our teacher, Ms. Husna, headed to Johor Bahru for the Johor International Student Leaders Conference 2018 (JISLC). We checked into a hotel at 1:00 pm and had a short briefing an hour later.
pic 1
Front row (left): Muhammad Iqbal, Harisa Rohaya, Putri Areesya (writer), Ayman Hareez    Back row (left): Wan Nurrish, Fathina Kameela, Hanis Qaisara, Aina Syahirah, Khayrin Sofiya

There were 3 different passes for this event. We had registered under the Full-Boarders Pass which gave us the chance to experience the whole event. That night, we had a welcoming dinner at the hotel. During the welcoming dinner, we met new people from all around the world. We made friends with Federico Frau who is from Italy,  Sofia from Morocco and some others from our home country too. This event was attended by over 1,000 people, and because of that, we were unable to meet every single participant. There were also people from Japan, the Philippines and Korea.

On the next day, we all woke up at 7:00 am to have our breakfast. We then gathered with everyone else for the main conference. It started with 3 keynote sessions where talks were given by 3 successful and motivational personnel. The first speaker is a known international speaker, Rajeev Peshawaria; the second speaker was Dr Amani Salim, a Malaysian lady who works with NASA and was the principal investigator to a NASA project called Sporesat. Lastly, the final speaker is a businessman and founder of a leadership school in Switzerland. After these keynote sessions, we had a quick lunch and were able to choose which workshop we wanted to attend next. We decided to attend the workshop where we learnt to not procrastinate, and that time is precious. At night , we had a charity dinner at Holiday Villa. This event managed to raise RM30,000 ringgit to be donated to charity. 

pic 4jpg
One of the participants making his speech.

The following day, we headed to Hello Kitty Town at Puteri Harbour for a team-building activity called Jauhar Adventuras until 6:00 pm. The explorace had a lot of checkpoints with different types of games. We had to work with people we didn’t know from different schools and countries. This taught us to always cooperate with the leader and team members as teamwork makes the dream work. We then went back to the hotel and got ready for the farewell dinner. Not only did we strengthen the bond among our batchmates but we also got to know more about some of the people who participated in this conference.

On the last day, we had breakfast, checked out and said our goodbyes. We were all amazed knowing that the international event was organized by 16 and 17-year-olds and the project director is only 17 years old. This has inspired us to achieve greater things at a young age. It is hoped in the future , that our school would be able to host an event like this.

pic 5
KYS Student Leaders posing in their casual attire

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