Duathlon 2017

Aniq Nazran

The Duathlon Team of Kolej Yayasan Saad consisting of 30 students accompanied by 3 of our beloved teachers, Mr. Azim, Mr. Shaheran and Mr. Wafi went to Cyberjaya to participate in the Cyberjaya International Night Duathlon 2017. After long hours and what seemed like endless training, we finally got our chance to prove ourselves to the society. 

The races that the team particioated in  took place on the 27th and 28th of October. There were 4 events which were the Individual Sprint, The Individual Challenge, The Introduction IPT Individual and the Introduction IPT Relay. 

The first event which was the Individual Challenge took place on the 27th of October which was on a Friday night. We are proud to announce that our two participants, Mr Azim secured 15th placing and  Megat Amirul Syahmi managed to secure 54th placing out of 90 participants.

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The next event, The Individual Sprint took place on the 28th of October which was on a Saturday morning. The final results are Aniq Nazran in 7th placing, Najmi Hanis in 17th placing, Raja Ahmad Eidris in 18th placing followed by Muiz Zafri in 19th placing out of 58 participants.

Our only individualist, Haikal Zaki secured 20th placing out of 28 participants. 

For the relays, KYSM A managed to secure a spot on the podium which was the 2nd runner up. KYSM H managed to get 6th placing, KYSM D in 7th, KYSM G in 8th, KYSM C in 10th, KYSM B in 11th, KYSM E in 12th followed by KYSM F in 13th. 

Winners posing for the camera. From left: Raja Eidris, Aniq Nazran, Muiz Zafri and Mohd. Najmi

We are happy to see improvements in our performances and will keep striving with the help and support of our beloved teachers and coaches. It is hoped we can join more events like these to gain experience in the future.


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