Interschool Debate 2017 @ IIUM

Kuhan Kartikeyn

It is customary for the KYS Debating Team to annually participate in the International Islamic University (IIUM) Interschool Debating Championship or shortly known as IDC. Last year, KYS made it to the semi-finals of the tournament. This year however, the whole experience at IDC was entirely different. This year, the KYS debating team comprised of Thaqif Aris, Kaartik and the writer. We were accompanied by Madam Vijayaletchumi, our English teacher.  

The writer and his team mates fighting it out

The results for Day 1 are as follows:-

Round 1
Opponent: Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak (SDAR, who were the champions of the tournament last year)
Motion: THW establish different grading standards according to every students’ social background.
Results: KYS won

Round 2
Opponent: MRSM Taiping
Motion: THBT it is undemocratic for groups to stage protests and rallies after a fairly conducted election.
KYS won.

Round 3
Opponent: Chong Hwa Independent High School KL
Motion: THBT minority rights movement should not appoint a spokesperson that is not from the same background as them.
KYS won.

Round 4 
Opponent: Sekolah Seri Puteri (SSP)
Motion: THBT feminists should oppose women who celebrate their decision to stay in abusive relationships in the media
Results; KYS won.

The next morning we adjourned to the Main Hall in the Faculty of Economics. It was the waiting game, a nail biting experience as we waited for the break announcement whereby only the top 8 teams will compete in the knockout rounds, The results were then announced and we were extremely ecstatic as we broke 1st overall into the quarter finals with a total of 4 wins and 1091.5 speaker scores.

The Quarterfinals

Opponent: SMK Taman Desa
Motion: Assuming the technology exists to make individuals feel painful sensations in their mind, THW punish criminals by making them feel the same pain they caused their victims instead of imprisonment.
Results: KYS won by a unanimous 3-0 decision

The Semifinals

Opponent: Sri Ayesha Islamic School (SAIS)
Motion: THBT it is better to donate to organisations that aim to solve local issues rather than international causes.
Results: KYS won by a unanimous 5-0 decision

We were very happy to proceed to the grand finals of the tournament. We were on the opposition side against SSP once again, on the government side.  With a unanimous  7-0 decision, KYS won the 15th International Islamic University Interschool Debating Championship after four years of participation.

The Grand Final

The KYS Debaters represented by the writer (extreme left), Thaqif, Kaartik & Mdm. Vijayaletchumi, receiving the top prize of RM2,000 cash

Opponent: SSP
Motion: States should grant reserved seats in the parliament to rebel groups (i.e. FARC in Columbia and Taliban in Afghanistan) in exchange for a peace deal
Results: KYS won by a unanimous 7-0 decision

We are also proud to announce that Thaqif Aris and Kaartik tied at 2nd Overall Best Speaker with a total speaker scores of  311 with an average of 77.75. We are also happy to announce that the writer managed to secure the overall best speaker of the tournament with a total speaker scores of 314 and an average of 78.5. He was also declared as the Best Speaker for the Grand Final round. After loads of really strenuous debates, we left the tournament not only as champions but as more experienced debaters as a whole. 


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