House Camp 2017

Saiful Azhar b. Mohammad Razin

House camp is an annual event to allocate new students into their respective houses: Razak, Rahman and Hussein. The objective of having this event is to tighten the bond between the new and old students. This year’s event was held on 21 January and lasted for two days. The camp started off with a long awaited Kyser Talk. Ex-students from Aristocrats, Titans and Guerreros came back to school to share their successes in hopes to give inspiration and motivation to the current students of KYS. The incredibly dashing Rifqi Akhyar and absolutely delightful Fathin Najwa did an excellent job hosting this talk. The Kysers answered some serious questions like how did you push yourself to become the successful person you are today to ridiculous questions like what do you miss most about KYS. All in all, everyone had an amazing experience from the Kyser Talk.

After the Kyser Talk, students were dressed to the nines in smart casual, signalling that they were ready for a great dinner. At eleven o’ clock, the dinner came to an end as the student body had to go back to their respective dorms for a good night’s rest as a long day awaits.

The next morning, all students had woken up with adrenaline pumped in their body as they were all eager to win this year’s house camp. All students gathered at the roundabout with their respective groups, getting ready to start the race. Maps were distributed just to make the race more interesting. After the first clues were given to the students, everyone got on their feet and scrambled their way to their first clues.

Many arduous tasks from eating mysterious ingredients to running obstacle courses had to be done in order to complete the checkpoint and get the next clue. Although most of the challenges were very disgusting, all team members gave their full cooperation and practised teamwork in the process.

At the end of the day, the most vital element was sportsmanship. Everyone was satisfied with the results of the game, no matter if they had won or lost. A prize-giving ceremony was conducted to congratulate the winners of this year’s house camp. Speeches by the project managers were given to conclude this year’s successful house camp. All members of each house ended the day with blasting cheers signalling the end of another exciting house camp. By the end of the day, students of all batches had learnt more about each other as they bonded through act of teamwork and simply a good session of bonding.

Housecamp was really fun as it improved the bond between the students.”
– Harith Fahmy

I enjoyed it because its something important for the juniors to bond with the seniors regardless of the age, we still treat each other as friends to solve problems.
– Muiz Zafri

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