Swimming Championship 2016

Emily Teh

I feel most at home in the water. I disappear. That’s where I belong.” – Michael Phelps

This is untrue for many of the students of KYS, but for the few individuals that embrace swimming wholeheartedly, the water can be a place to express and display their prowess. KYS holds an annual Swimming Championship to showcase the various abilities and talents of the students of KYS in swimming. This year was no different, and the Swimming Championship was from 8 to 13 August 2016.

Each house sent two representatives to compete in the four swimming strokes, freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly in their respective classes and events. Among the events competed were the 100-metre butterfly stroke, 200-metre freestyle, the 200-metre individual medley that involves a single swimmer swimming 50 metres of each stroke, and the 50-metre breaststroke. A total of 66 events were held.

This year saw many tears being shed but as the Swimming Championship drew to a close, the results were finalised and everyone waited in anxious anticipation for the results to be announced.  Hussien house had won the Swimming Cup from Rahman house, who were the previous overall winners. Ashley Chong Ru Ping, 13, the Best Female Swimmer among all the competitors was ecstatic over her triumph. “Swimming isn’t hard. It just requires hard work and dedication, the same as everything else,” was what she said when asked about her secret of success. She had won gold medals for all her events and had broken multiple records.

The Swimming Championship was brought to an end and tears of joy were shed and cries of frustration were heard but like they say, you win some, you lose some. After the success of this year’s Swimming Championship, next year’s is eagerly awaited to see the legends that will be born. 

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