Form 1 Ax-Factor

Jagdishwar Sivarou

On the 24 July 2016, the Form 1 students of Kolej Yayasan Saad had their Ax-Factor module which was conducted by Axiata Foundation.

Ax-Factor is a sporadic programme run by representatives from Axiata for and the students in KYS. This programme helps young minds grow and enhance their leadership skills so that they can be successful leaders in the future

In the latest module, the Form 1 students learnt how to handle problems faced by a certain community and summarise their discovery. They visited three local communities to carry out their tasks.

A day before, the students were divided according to their houses. The next day, they departed to their respected venues. A participant from Hussein House, who shared a bit of his experience with us said: “We visited the village headman of Kampung Chitty, Mr Mohan, to learn and told us more about the village and its history”. On another visit, the student from Hussein House got to explore the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum.

In a similar activity, students from Rahman House visited the Portuguese Settlement. There, the students did a survey on the daily challenges faced by the residents. Moreover, the students were also taken for a river cruise along the Malacca River which is a popular tourist attraction in the state.

Razak House students accomplished their stint at Kampung Morten by doing a task somewhat similar to that of Rahman House. The students also got to go for the Malacca River Cruise.

At the end of the programme, students presented a mind map about the consensus that each group from their respective houses came up with. On top of that, to mark the end of the activity, the students were told to come up with a conclusion and to reflect on the entire activity.

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