Orchestra Rehearsal Fever


Mr Kevin C K Chua

Kolej Yayasan Saad is one of the very few schools that have been blessed with having an orchestra, but unlike other schools, the KYS orchestra consists of the Junior and Senior Orchestras, as well as a Chamber Orchestra. Under the tutelage of experienced and highly qualified Music Director, Ms. Adrin Teo, the orchestras have had the chance to perform in front of various local and foreign dignitaries locally and abroad. The school is indeed proud to have a reputable orchestra under her care.

Come 27th July, the orchestra would perform in the Annual Concert. This time, they will be exhibiting their talents in a 500-seater auditorium in Putrajaya, the administrative centre of Malaysia.



Snippets from the night rehearsals

In preparation for the orchestra’s event of the year, rehearsals have begun. Student performers from both the junior and senior orchestra will be having strenuous orchestra rehearsals daily, normally held after classes.

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